Cricket Betting Tips

​Finding cricket betting tips can be quite the ordeal for cricket fans, as many tips online use different criteria to provide cricket betting tips. When it comes to betting on cricket, unlike other sports there are multiple outcomes which you can place bets on and with most online cricket betting sites, this something not to miss out on.

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Free cricket betting tips which are from a reliable source are hard to come, with our team who live, sleep and breathe cricket is just one reason why you can count on us to be your trusted source for free cricket betting tips. When creating our cricket betting tips, we consider many factors such as weather, team selection, current form and more. Moreover, placing bets on crickets is different from other sports as it has multiple formats and multiple leagues in which you can place bets. The most popular format of cricket betting is on T20 cricket, which is of no surprise as the odds tend to be more profitable but also the fast pace of the gameplay adds to the excitement when placing a bet.

How do you get the Cricket Betting Top Tips?

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2. Register an account & choose your bonus

3. Nagivate to the match by selecting "Cricket" on Top Events or Sports (this will slightly change depending on the site).

4. Select the match and look for "All Markets"

5. Pick your betting market/selection

6. Add your wager amount in the bet slip

7. Check the odds and potential win

8. Press "Place Your Bet/Place Bet"

Cricket Betting

With over 150+ international matches and 500 domestic cricket matches played each year, there is plenty of bets that you can place every day. With the most popular T20 worldwide being the IPL, we keep you in the loop of how the teams are shaping up for the upcoming season and daily match predictions.

By just placing a bet on which team you think will win, you’re missing out on the opportunity of placing a bet on such things as the number of 6’s, 4’s, no of wides, no-balls, team totals and the list goes on and on. However, as a cricket bettor, it can become overwhelming and not knowing key factors which can affect these odds, and the choices you make will be detrimental to the outcome you achieve. This is why here at, we strive to bring the best cricket betting tips by pouring over heaps of statistics and current team news to provide you with the best chance of placing a winning bet. Moreover, our cricket betting tips won’t cost you at all and are entirely free.


When using any cricket betting tip to influence your decision making when placing a bet, it is important to understand the creation of the tip. This is why we are completely transparent and provide a detailed reason for the cricket betting tips we post. For example, a common mistake made by cricket bettors on any match or tournament is only to consider a team’s current form, this is a rookie mistake as the playing conditions and venue alone could play a huge factor in how a team performs. If you were to bet on an international team to win the world cup based on their current form leading up to the tournament, you would not have a holistic view on what realistically the outcome of this team’s performance could be. As their past experience and win to loss ratio in the host country of the tournament could be exceptional, but you ruled them out based on their previous results elsewhere. This where our team at comes in, we do all the tedious work of looking at past data and current data to help you make a more informed decision quickly.


By using our cricket betting tips free of charge should only be viewed as helping step in the right direction. The overall outcome of your betting success will be determined by your skill, the ability to understand the cricket betting tips we put forward, the intricate nature of the game that is cricket and sometimes just luck.

The beauty of our cricket tips is they are provided solid and reliable information, for all types of cricket fans, whether you’re a casual cricket bettor or avid cricket bettor who follows every match religiously, which in India is a common theme. Our main focus on cricket betting tips is a hardcore focus on the IPL, international T20s, test matches and the BLL. Unlike many online cricket betting tips you’ll find elsewhere, who class themselves as “providing cricket betting tips for every match that is in-play”, we like to take a more realistic approach and in turn more profitable for our readers. By focusing on only a few matches per day, we can utilise our resources more efficiently and bring more accurate data to our readers.


Although many have claimed to have expert cricket betting tips and the best resources, not all cricket betting guides are actual from expert analysts. As a lot of the cricket betting guides give very generic match predictions and tend to be repetitive, which is not advantageous to any keen cricket bettor looking to get the most bang for their money when the place a bet.