Kings Eleven Punjab is one of those teams that haven’t yet shown the potential that seems imbibed in their squad when looked at their equations on paper. The players, however, are outstanding and have been performing superbly in their parallel careers. The fans hope a lot of action from Kings Eleven. KXIP has its home ground in Mohali, the PCA stadium, where a lot of fan base gather for each of their matches.

On the other hand, Chennai Super Kings is a team with a great reputation. In its earlier sessions, CSK had performed too well under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It did not fail to make in Playoffs for a single time. Later CSK, like RR, had to face suspension of two years of IPL due to a betting controversy followed by a court decision.

Last 5 matches:  CSK team kings punjabCSK team  CSK teamkings punjab

As Chennai arrived back to IPL in the season of 2017, there was a slight influence of that unfortunate event. The team is now getting its pace back. Nonetheless, that seems to have no effect when CSK and KXIP are seen in contrast to each other. Those two rivals seem poised in almost a balance against each other as we further ponder over their records.

KXIP vs CSK 2019

The 18th match of IPL season 2019 as the first KXIP vs CSK 2019 clash was played on 6 April 2019. CSK put a good defendable score of 160/3 in its 20 overs. Though it wasn’t a huge score, CSK made the best use of its bowling and managed to block Punjab such that it reached only 138 runs in 20 overs, with five wickets still unused. It was a clinical victory for CSK.

The second clash between those two teams took place during the 55th match of the season, on 5 May 2019. In this match, KXIP altered the course. CSK had 170 runs on board, however, learned from earlier experience, KXIP didn’t fall for CSK bowlers and carried on to make 173 in just 18 overs without losing anything but four wickets.

The recent form slightly favours the CSK, winning 3 out 5 matches.

KXIP vs CSK 2018

The two matches between Kings Eleven and Chennai Super Kings were taken one by each team in its 2018 IPL season. KXIP claimed the first match with a four-run victory. Firstly, efforts of Chennai’s Ambati Raydu (49 of 35) and MS Dhoni (79 of 44) added to a good score of 193/5. Then Punjab managed to carry an excellent all-round performance with Chris Gayle (63 of 33), Karun Nair (29 of 17), Mayak Agrawal (30 of 19), and Lokesh Rahul (37 of 22). KXIP finally made 197/7 and defeated the Dhoni-led brigade. 

The second match was claimed by CSK with a blazing performance by Suresh Raina (61 of 48) and Deepak Chahar (39 of 20) to chase down the KXIP total successfully. 

KXIP vs CSK Match Prediction

As we saw above, and as it appears, it is hard to predict an exact favorite between CSK and KXIP. There are downsides of KXIP over to issues with its performances in the previous season that left the fans heartbroken, and then there are those direct clashes between KXIP and CSK where KXIP has proven its worth as a major side that acts as an antidote to CSK’s victory horse. Nonetheless, while CSK has its upside of always being in favorite’s charts, other than the infamous two years of exile, there are upsides with KXIP with its psychological stance against CSK and with its ‘nothing-to-lose’ status. So overall both teams have swept the other in different seasons. In most seasons wherever one team has registered a victory in one match, the other team is the one which ultimately came out as victorious and took away the second faceoff.

The new Kings XI Punjab team members like Maxwell and Sheldon Cottrell will need to perform well for KXIP to win in 2020 as CSK know how to win. 

KXIP vs CSK Live

At Mohali, it’s a great stadium with many national-international memories. Teams from all over the world have played on this soil and it carries a great legacy that stretches back to histories of many important tournaments including Champions Trophy and World Cups. It is located next to Chandigarh airport. The floodlights in this stadium are designed low so that the effect of planes crossing through the sky can be avoided. That has made it a very good place to watch a match that includes the use of floodlights, be it due to match timing and sometimes the weather.  It has an overall capacity of 26,950 fans to watch live matches at once. With great fan base cheering for Sea-of-Red (a nickname for KXIP), it is fun to watch the fandom and madness. One may love to watch this encounter live at the ground or use the streaming services broadcasting over various networks.

KXIP vs CSK Head to Head

Games played: 22

Chennai wins: 13

Kings XI Punjab wins: 9

Due to its early high horse in IPL history and the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni CSK seems mightier to our imagination than on records when we check for their head to head with KXIP. Those two teams have played a total of 21 matches (obviously less because CSK was barred from participating in IPL seasons of 2016 and 2017). Those 21 matches have been victorious to CSK for 12 times while Punjab had managed to win 9 matches which is a pretty close encounter. In fact, in the opening season of IPL CSK had swept KXIP in all three matches by 33 runs, 18 runs, and nine wickets. In the 2009 season too, both matches were claimed by CSK with 12 runs and 14 runs. In 2010, Chennai won one match, and the other was tied. It was that when Punjab could register a victory over Chennai through a Super-over.

From there, the course of action changed a little. In 2011, it was Kings Eleven Punjab that won a single match of the season against CSK, with six wickets. In 2012 it was all-in-all Kings Eleven that swept CSK in both the matches, with seven runs and six wickets. In 2013, CSK altered the steak and won both the matches; the first one with ten wickets and second by 15 runs. And Kings eleven returned storming at CSK in 2014 where the three matches between those two teams were all swept by Kings Eleven to deprive CSK of a single victory. KXIP registered victories by six wickets, 44 runs, and 24 runs. All were comfortable and clean victories. 

In 2015, just before the court decision to bare CSK, it was the time when CSK was shining and took two victories over Punjab by 97 runs and 7 wickets. Between the two teams, the highest score in 240 by KXIP. CSK’s highest is 231. Indeed, Kings Eleven had been better in terms of lowest scores too. Lowest that CSK could ever bowl KXIP is 120, while CSK itself had fallen once for mare 92 runs. 

All of that record shows us that while the overall record may look different; when CSK and KXIP are poised to each other, the performance isn’t far different. It makes the case of those two teams very interesting.

55th Match, (D/N) at Mohali, May 5 2019

Chennai Super Kings 170/5 vs Kings XI Punjab 173/4 (18/20 ov, target 171)

Kings XI won by 6 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)

Apr 6, 2019 – 18th Match at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai

Chennai Super Kings 160/3 (20 ov) vs Kings XI Punjab 138/5 (20 ov)

Chennai Super Kings won by 22 runs

Best Batsman: Sarfaraz Khan 67 (59) & Best Bowler: Ravichandran Ashwin 3/23 (4)

56th match, (N) at Pune, May 20 2018

Kings XI Punjab 153 vs Chennai Super Kings 159/5 (19.1/20 ov, target 154)

Super Kings won by 5 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)

12th match, (N) at Mohali, Apr 15 2018

Kings XI Punjab 197/7 vs Chennai Super Kings 193/5 (20 ov, target 198)

Kings XI won by 4 runs

YearWinnerWon byVenue
2019KXIP6 WicketsMohali
2019CSK22 runsChennai
2018CSK5 wicketsPune
2018KXIP4 runsMohali
2015CSK97 runsChepauk
2015CSK7 wicketsMohali
2014KXIP6 wicketsAbu Dhabi
2014KXIP44 runsCuttack
2014KXIP24 runsMumbai
2014CSK65 runsHyderabad
2013CSK10 wicketsMohali
2013CSK15 runsChepauk
2012KXIP7 runsChepauk
2012KXIP6 wicketsDharamshala
2011KXIP6 wicketsMohali
2010KXIP Chepauk
2010CSK6 wicketsDharamshala
2009CSK11 runsCenturion
2009CSK24 runsDurban
2008CSK33 runsMohali
2008CSK18 runsChepauk
2008CSK9 wicketsMumbai