Kings Eleven Punjab is one of those teams that have great potential on paper, but fans are yet to see them find their worth. They are a team owned by multiple owners, including the celebrity owners Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia. They have their huge fan base in Punjab and Haryana. The PCA stadium of Mohali finds it tough to provide sufficient space to such a vast crowd regardless of its capacity of 26000 seats. That makes those matches moreover interesting. Visibly and proactively, the team KXIP had been working on its resurgence in the IPL for quite some time. Though they haven’t found their streak back yet, it seems it may come out in further seasons.

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KKR had been quite the opposite. It was a heavily anticipated team at the beginning of IPL but performed badly in early seasons to give a big blow to its celebrity owner Shahrukh Khan. In the later years, with much experimenting and decoration, KKR gradually revived its position and began to be a great contender after the first three-four seasons. It finally claimed two titles and now gets counted in some of the powerful opponents in the IPL.

The overall record for both teams, Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab, are heavily leaning in favor of KKR. There have been a total of 25 matches between them.  Kolkata Knight Riders win 17 while Punjab managed to win only 8. This brings not just the case of KXIP finding it hard to stay at a high bar in IPL but also its particular vulnerability against KKR. 

KXIP vs KKR 2018

During the 2018 season, the two teams, KXIP and KKR, had two clashes against each other. KKR won the first match with a close margin of 31 runs. The second was a far more disappointing match for KXIP as once the Duckworth Lewis was applied after rain. The result of the match had to be that Kolkata won the match with 9 wickets and left Punjab in awe.

KKR are well ahead of the Kings in head to head count, winning 68% of games.​

KXIP vs KKR 2019

In the 6th match of the season, Kolkata Knight Riders made a sufficient score of 214 runs and got KXIP all-out for 194 runs. Happened early in the tournament, that match played a role in disturbing KXIP’s rhythm. The next encounter was the 52nd match of the season. In this faceoff, Kings Eleven managed to pull 183 runs on the chart. Kolkata was in a good streak during this match and they found no difficulty to reach that target within just 18 overs. They won this match by 7 wickets.

KXIP vs KKR Match Prediction

In a match between Kings Eleven Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders, there are rarely any doubts that KKR is supposed to be the favorite given the performances. However, depending on the streak and how they build and carry the momentum, Kings Eleven may seek a scope for a flip-flop.

KXIP vs KKR Live

The home ground of KXIP is the famous stadium of Mohali, PCA stadium. This stadium has some internationally legendary matches played here. The fan base loves to gather around its beloved team in Mohali. The Live stream is available from here to various networking broadcasters. Watching Punjab playing with Kolkata is fun in the stadium, especially because the crowd in Punjab mixes with the crowd from the two far-away terminals of India: Bengal and Punjab, the cultural mixtures shine like anything.

KXIP vs KKR Head to Head

Games played: 25

KKR wins: 17

KXIP wins: 9

No result: 0

In the opening season of IPL in 2008, the first match was claimed by KKR with 3 wickets. KXIP managed to alter the results in the second match. KXIP did it fabulously to defeat KKR with 9 runs. In 2009, the first match went to KXIP who easily crushed KKR’s bowling-attack and won the match with 6 wickets. It was KKR that later altered the result and gave Punjab a defeat with 11 runs. In 2010, the first match again went to Punjab with 8 wickets win, and similarly, KKR won the second match with 39 runs. In 2011, there was just one match between them and it went to Kolkata when it defeated KXIP with 8 wickets. Even in 2012, the first match was a Kolkata victory with 8 wickets but KXIP claimed the second with a tight margin of 2 runs. Again in 2013, firstly KKR made a 6 wicket win then KXIP stroke them to a 4 run victory.

Till that, the equation between the two remained in a balanced manner. But in 2014, there were 4 matches between the two opponents. KXIP won the first match with 23 runs. But later, all the coming three matches went to Kolkata with 9 wickets, 28 runs, and 3 wickets. Then in 2015, both matches went to KKR. The same happened in 2016 and Kolkata claimed both the faceoff. In 2017, however, KXIP manages to win a match with 14 runs, though it lost the other with 8 wickets again.
Such of the records makes it pretty clear that the rivalry between Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings Eleven Punjab has taken a leaning towards the dominance of Kolkata only in later years. The earlier seasons were pretty balanced. As KXIP had been working out in its resurgence, it would be interesting to see if it gets the early streak back and makes it an equal and balanced competition.

May 3, 2019 – 52nd Match at Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh (night)

Kings XI Punjab 183/6 (20 ov) vs Kolkata Knight Riders 185/3 (18/20 ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders won by 7 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)

Best Batsman: Shubman Gill *65 (49) & Best Bowler: Sandeep Warrier 2/31 (4)

Mar 27, 2019 – 6th Match at Eden Gardens, Kolkata (night)

Kolkata Knight Riders 218/4 (20 ov) vs Kings XI Punjab 190/4 (20 ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders won by 28 runs

Best Batsman: Nitish Rana 63 (34) & Best Bowler Andre Russell 2/21 (3)

YearWinnerWon byVenue
2019Kolkata Knight Riders7 WicketsMohali
2019Kolkata Knight Riders28 RunsKolkata
2018Kolkata Knight Riders31 RunsIndore
2018Kings XI Punjab9 WicketsKolkata
2017Kings XI Punjab14 RunsMohali
2017Kolkata Knight Riders8 WicketsKolkata
2016Kolkata Knight Riders7 RunsKolkata
2016Kolkata Knight Riders6 WicketsMohali
2015Kolkata Knight Riders1 WicketKolkata
2015Kolkata Knight Riders4 WicketsPune
2014Kolkata Knight Riders3 WicketsBangalore
2014Kolkata Knight Riders28 RunsKolkata
2014Kolkata Knight Riders9 WicketsCuttack
2014Kings XI Punjab23 RunsAbu Dhabi
2013Kolkata Knight Riders6 WicketsKolkata
2013Kings XI Punjab4 RunsMohali
2012Kolkata Knight Riders8 WicketsMohali
2012Kings XI Punjab2 RunsKolkata
2011Kolkata Knight Riders8 WicketsKolkata
2010Kings XI Punjab8 WicketsKolkata
2010Kolkata Knight Riders39 RunsMohali
2009Kings XI Punjab6 WicketsPort Elizabeth
2009Kolkata Knight Riders11 RunsDurban
2008Kolkata Knight Riders3 WicketsKolkata
2008Kings XI Punjab9 RunsMohali