Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians

10th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), Sep 28 2020, Indian Premier League
Mumbai Indians



Playing at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, the Mumbai Indians is one of the most successful teams of IPL. This team won its first IPL title in 2013 after defeating Chennai Super Kings. They won their second title in 2015 against Chennai Super Kings again and third one in 2017, which was against Rising Pune Supergiant. But their best win was in 2019 when they beat CSK by just 1 run in 2019.

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Kolkata Knight Riders are the team owned by none other than Indian Romance King, Shah Rukh Khan, his partner Juhi Chawla, and her husband Jay Mehta. Their home ground is Eden Gardens, Kolkata. They won their first IPL title in 2012, then in 2014. Whenever these two teams comes against one another, it becomes the most exciting matches in the history of IPL as these two teams have the highest fandom in India and around the globe. Their matches have a completely different feeling amongst the fans, and they have been the most famous teams of IPL till now.

MI vs KKR 2018

The 41st match between MI Vs KKR took place in 2018. Mumbai Indians defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by 102 runs at Eden Gardens. MI batted first and left the target of 211 for KKR. In the initial phase of the match, it seemed like the KKR would win as Ishan Kishan got 62 runs in just 21 balls. There was very little hope for MI. Narine came in from MI, and he changed the whole match and brought the match in the favor of MI from the camp of KKR. Chris went out, Narine also went back to the pavilion, and once Dinesh’s wicket fell, there was no way of coming back for KKR. Because of these circumstances, the match came in favor of MI from KKR and MI won the match with the star performance in all fields of cricket. It was a tremendous win for MI. The fans of the KKR were distraught, and people had high hopes from KKR regarding this match, but nothing worked in the favor of the team.

The Mumbai Indians enjoy great success against KKR, having won 19 of the 25 encounters

MI vs KKR 2019

Suryakumar Yadav smashed Russell in this match, and yet again Mumbai Indians won by 9 wickets against KKR. Rohit remained unbeatable by scoring 55 matches in 48 balls. KKR left the target for 133/7 in 20 over. Kartik took a brilliant delivery and gave a catch for De Kock while he made just 30 runs. De Kock went for 2 sixes and a boundary against the Russell. Bumrah took the wickets for Uthappa and Rinku. MI had a good chance of finishing the match while being at the top of the league. Rana tried getting a bog shot but gave his catch to Malinga. Malinga made just 6 runs. Malinga took a wicket for Russell. Karthik gave his catch to Krunal and went out only on 3 runs. It was a very exciting match, but ultimately, it again went into the favor of MI, and they won. The fans were upset again, but there was nothing that could be done about it. It was a head to head match. MI had another tremendous win.

MI vs KKR Match Prediction

In their last match, it was predicted that KKR would win the match because of their strong players. Everyone said that KKR would win but the destiny had something else in store for KKR and they lost yet another match against MI. KKR has managed to win only 6 times against their matches with MI.

MI vs KKR Live

Though their matches are a treat to watch for their fans but the fact remains that KKR has managed to win less number of times when we talk about their matches with MI. Some might call it destiny or some other might call it their fault but their winning rate has always been quiet less in their matches against MI. MI has managed to win 19 times against KKR in all their matches till now. None of the matches have been a tie amongst these two teams. But one match had been of no result amongst these two and they have played a total of 25 matches against each other.

MI vs KKR Head to Head

Out of the 25 matches that these two teams have played, 19 times MI has been a winner and KKR has managed to win only 6 times. From 2008 to 2010 matches, most of the times MI had been a winner and after 2010, KKR managed to win its first match against MI. KKR again won the match in 2012 and two matches in 2014. Since 2014, all the matches were being won by MI only and then in 2019, KKR managed to win one match against MI. So most of the times, the destiny had been in the favor of MI and not in KKR. Many times, the KKR team had been strong yet MI was able to win the match as they were able to change the match in between or may be from the beginning itself.

Games played: 25

KKR wins: 6

Mumbai Indians wins: 19

No Result: 0

56th Match, (N) at Mumbai, May 5 2019

Kolkata Knight Riders 133/7 vs Mumbai Indians 134/1 (16.1/20 ov, target 134)

Mumbai Indians won by 9 wickets (with 23 balls remaining)

47th Match, (N) at Kolkata, Apr 28 2019

Kolkata Knight Riders 232/2 vs Mumbai Indians 198/7 (20 ov, target 233)

KKR won by 34 runs

41st match, (N) at Kolkata, May 9 2018

Mumbai Indians 210/6 vs Kolkata Knight Riders 108 (18.1/20 ov, target 211)

Mumbai Indians won by 102 runs

37th match, (D/N) at Mumbai, May 6 2018

Mumbai Indians 181/4 vs Kolkata Knight Riders 168/6 (20 ov, target 182)

Mumbai Indians won by 13 runs

YearWinnerWon ByVenue
2019Mumbai Indians9 WicketsMumbai
2019Kolkata Knight Riders34 RunsKolkata
2018Mumbai Indians102 RunsKolkata
2018Mumbai Indians13 RunsMumbai
2017Mumbai Indians7 WicketsBengaluru
2017Mumbai Indians9 RunsKolkata
2017Mumbai Indians4 WicketsMumbai
2016Mumbai Indians6 WicketsMumbai
2016Mumbai Indians6 WicketsKolkata
2015Mumbai Indians5 RunsMumbai
2015Kolkata Knight Riders7 WicketsKolkata
2014Kolkata Knight Riders41 RunsAbu Dhabi
2014Kolkata Knight Riders6 WicketsCuttack
2013Mumbai Indians65 RunsMumbai
2013Mumbai Indians5 WicketsKolkata
2012Kolkata Knight Riders32 RunsMumbai
2012Mumbai Indians27 RunsKolkata
2011Mumbai Indians4 WicketsMumbai
2011Mumbai Indians5 WicketsKolkata
2010Kolkata Knight Riders9 WicketsKolkata
2010Mumbai Indians7 WicketsMumbai (BS)
2009Mumbai Indians9 RunsEast London
2009Mumbai Indians92 RunsPort Elizabeth
2008Mumbai Indians8 WicketsMumbai
2008Mumbai Indians7 WicketsKolkata