Kings XI Punjab is a team that represents several areas including Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana. It has celebrity owners Priti Zinta and Ness Wadiya among others. The team has always been amongst the expected high horses. However, there has not been sufficient displays enabling the team to be an IPL powerhouse – until now. From 2010 to 2012, it had faced the controversial expulsion due to the infamous Lalit Modi case. Later, the High Court revived its position to 2012 IPL. Since then they are serious contenders.

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Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, is the most-watched and most celebrated teams in the IPL history. Reliance Industries sponsor it. It has claimed IPL cups for unparalleled 4 times. It has the most lethal of pace battery and well guided & well directed balanced batting order. When those two teams come to a clash, it would be a case where Kings look forward to slaying the giant and prove their worth. That is going to be a tough yet worthy task for new coach Anil Kumble, who has taken charge in 2020. For Mumbai, it is going to be a matter of keeping up with its reputation.

Mumbai has proved to be one of the most admired and up to the mark teams and KXIP has a reputation for taking on its winning streak and still not making the finals. There have also been great singular performances from both sides when facing each other. This rivalry remains a thrilling phenomenon.

MI vs KXIP 2018

In 2018, Kings got to play two matches with MI. The first one was played in Indore. It was the 8th match for Kings Eleven. It proved to be a disappointment as they lost the match with a huge margin of 6 wickets. Another clash between Mumbai and Punjab took place again as Kings met Mumbai Indians in their 13th match. They gave a tough fight and a thrilling match that kept alive till the last ball. However, they lost it with as little as 3 runs. That loss also shaded much water of their hopes of securing a place in playoffs.

The Mumbai Indians are not as dominate as perhaps they should be against the KXIP.

MI vs KXIP 2019

In 2019, during the 24th match of the IPL season, KXIP faced Mumbai for a very desperate victory. KL Rahul from Punjab made a gigantic leap and scored a century. There the Mumbai Captain Kieron Pollard’s astonishing 83-run inning somehow deserted KL Rahul’s maiden IPL hundred and broke the hearts of Kings’ fan base. Mumbai Indians managed to win the match with last-ball and three-wickets left. That was one of the most interesting matches in the lot.

MI vs KXIP Match Prediction

As we measure the performing powers of MI and KXIP, Mumbai remains a clear favorite in general. But we must look at the fact that KXIP doesn’t have an overall bad record against Mumbai. While, in general too, KXIP has great power to induce big flip-flops, they are particularly challenging in taking Mumbai to fire. In 2014, Punjab topped the chart and claimed the position of runner-up. Kings Eleven has given many fabulous die-hard matches and amusing flip-flops. But unfortunately, it hasn’t been able to secure a place in playoffs more than twice. Other than its 2014 performance, it was only in 2009 when it qualified to playoffs. Thus overall, it seems that between MI and KXIP clash, it is the Mumbai Indians who have the place for an obvious favorite. Nonetheless, given the day and their streak, KXIP shouldn’t be taken for granted.

MI vs KXIP Live

Mohali is KXIP’s home ground and one can expect huge support for the Punjabis regardless of any fuss. Due to important collaborations by Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag in past and now the new coach Anil Kumble, there is huge support from all over India that wishes KXIP to claim its maiden IPL cup. MI, on the other hand, is the most-watched team in IPL. It has an unparalleled fan base that goes International. Those two teams clashing together bring those two gigantic fan bases to the stadiums. It gets even more interesting when the matches take place at either Mohali or Wankhede, their home grounds that are pilgrims in Indian cricket.

MI vs KXIP Head to Head

As it appears with all the records and previous performances, the rivalry between Mumbai Indians and Kings Eleven Punjab is a very watchable one. The reasons lay in the fact that while both the teams have a different reputation and track records, there is a particularly different scenario when it comes to their clashes head-to-head with each other.

It is surprising that regardless of KXIP’S records of falling short of playoffs, they have an impressive ratio of victory when it comes to a rivalry with Mumbai Indians. They have won 11 matches and lost only 13 in total 24 matches when they came facing each other in IPL. That makes a significant 45%+ of winning ratio for KXIP. When we couple that fact with that the matches KXIP lost have most of the marginal defeats compared to several times from a mighty and reputed opponent. Mumbai had been regularly clashing with Kings in an almost equal record with just a little edge in winning. Taking into account that MI is otherwise a mammoth and has performed very well against all opponents, KXIP makes a place for a nice chance every time it faces MI. Such clashes often bring the more reputed opponent under pressure and the darker horse better motivation, which makes a better probability of a flip-flop.

Games played: 24

KXIP wins: 11

Mumbai Indians wins: 13

No Result: 0

Apr 10, 2019 – 24th Match at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai (night)

Kings XI Punjab 197/4 (20 ov) vs Mumbai Indians 198/7 (20 ov)

Mumbai Indians won by 3 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)

Best Batsman: KL Rahul *100 (64) & Kieron Pollard 83 (31) Best Bowler: Mohammed Shami 3/21 (4)

Mar 30, 2019 – 9th Match at Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh (day/night)

Mumbai Indians 176/7 (20 ov) vs Kings XI Punjab 177/2 (18.4/20 ov)

Kings XI Punjab won by 8 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)

Best Batsman: KL Rahul *71 (57) & Best Bowler: Murugan Ashwin 2/25 (4)


50th match, (N) at Mumbai, May 16 2018

Mumbai Indians 186/8 vs Kings XI Punjab 183/5 (20 ov, target 187)

Mumbai Indians won by 3 runs

34th match, (N) at Indore, May 4 2018

Kings XI Punjab 174/6 vs Mumbai Indians 176/4 (19/20 ov, target 175)

Mumbai Indians won by 6 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

YearWinnerWon ByVenue
2019Mumbai Indians3 WicketsMumbai
2019Kings XI Punjab8 WicketsMohali
2018Mumbai Indians2 WicketsMumbai
2018Mumbai Indians6 WicketsIndore
2017Kings XI Punjab7 RunsMumbai
2017Mumbai Indians8 WicketsIndore
2016Kings XI Punjab7 WicketsVisakhapatnam
2016Mumbai Indians25 RunsMohali
2015Mumbai Indians23 RunsMohali
2015Kings XI Punjab18 RunsMumbai
2014Mumbai Indians7 WicketsMohali
2014Mumbai Indians5 WicketsMumbai
2013Kings XI Punjab50 RunsDharamsala
2013Mumbai Indians4 RunsMumbai
2012Mumbai Indians4 WicketsMohali
2012Kings XI Punjab6 WicketsMumbai
2011Kings XI Punjab76 RunsMohali
2011Mumbai Indians23 RunsMumbai
2010Kings XI Punjab6 WicketsMohali
2010Mumbai Indians4 WicketsMumbai (BS)
2009Mumbai Indians8 WicketsCenturion
2009Kings XI Punjab3 RunsDurban
2008Kings XI Punjab1 RunMumbai
2008Kings XI Punjab66 RunsMohali